Background Checks


National Criminal Report

With a National Criminal Report from The Wolfe Group you can get disclosure of anyone's criminal past. Learn about prison and probation sentences, offense history and more. We are experienced in quickly and efficiently accessing data from the Department of Corrections, Administrative Office of the Courts, and Sex Offender Registries. We provide the Dallas, Ft. Worth Metroplex and throughout Texas with our professional services.

Our Report May Include:

  • Comprehensive Nationwide Criminal History
  • County Courts Data
  • Checks Against the Terrorist Watch List
  • National Registered Sex Offender Data
  • Information from State Agencies


State Criminal Report

The Wolfe Group's statewide criminal history investigation can retrieve information about anyone’s criminal past.

Our Report May Include:

  • State-specific Criminal Records Search
  • Department of Public Safety Information
  • Department of Corrections Information
  • County Court Details
  • Administrative Office of the Courts Information
  • Millions of Criminal Photos


Sex Offender Report

With access to the Nationwide Sex Offender Registries (NSOR) The Wolfe Group Backgroud check investigation is one of the best ways you can empower yourself to protect your family.

Our Report May Include:

  • Registered Addresses of Sex Offenders
  • Offense details with known aliases, tattoos and body markings
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